Accounting for Hotels 101: All the Basics You Need to Know Hotel ERP and Accounting Software

M3 has won the HotelTechReport award for Best Reporting & Accounting Software, back-to-back years, by leveraging its powerful back-office hotel accounting software. To understand the fundamentals of financial management in hotel operations, we talked to Annia Silva [2], front office manager at a full-service luxury hotel. With her insights and our research, we’ve put together […]

Discount on bonds payable definition

If a $1,000,000 bond issue promises to pay interest of 8% per year and the bond market demands 8.125%, the bonds will sell for less than $1,000,000. The difference between the $1,000,000 of face value and the amount the bond market is willing to pay is the discount on bonds payable. A distressed bond is […]

How to Calculate Manufacturing Cost Per Unit

LogRocket simplifies workflows by allowing Engineering, Product, UX, and Design teams to work from the same data as you, eliminating any confusion about what needs to be done. Before you even begin developing a product, you need a clear plan for what you’re building. Without a project plan or product roadmap, it’s hard to make […]

Average Payment Period Formula Example Calculation Explanation

Keeping a business cash reserve can also help you manage your expenses without having to get a loan or stacking up credit card debt when customer payments are delayed. A high collection period often signals that a company is experiencing delays in receiving payments. However, it’s important not to draw immediate conclusions from this metric alone. To […]